Date: Jan.21, 2007

Glenlivet 21yo Archive (43%, OB, Batch#40174, +/-2006)
C: MM Award sample, brown, gold, oil.
N: Tropical fruit, a little bit malty with mixed sherry influence, citrus, peach, pear, malty reveals later, some nut appear as well.
P: Front palate, thin body, short finish. not as good as nosing, weak.
C: 79 points. same as last time. Adding water get quite nice flower nose, but still quite weak body.

Glenlivet 16yo Nadura (57.2%, OB)
C: Gold clear, MM Award sample.
N: Nice and celar citrus fruit, fresh, woody influence, turn out to have malty feel.
P: medlium light body, powerful. Medium finish definitly better than 21yo OB, simple but good.
C: 81 points. one point higher than last time. Not bad.

Glenlivet 1974/2006 (46%, BBR, C#5203)
MM award sample, Gold, very simple citrus fruit, apple, easy, thin and watering, not really feel that old, finish short. 77 points. two points higher than last time.

Glenlivet 28yo 1977/2005 (51.1%, Turnbull's)
C: Gold, clear, large legs, going down quick.
N: Tropical fruit, apple, animal, cookie.
P: Seems quite thin, medium finish. lot's of apple.
C: 74 points. Sample from Eric Chen, thanks! An comparing weak and easy one. not feel that high alcohol strength. very dry finish.

Glenlivet 25yo 197/2001 (57%, Signatory Vintage, sherry butt, C#5535, 588 Bts.)
C: Deep brown. quite oil.
N: Sherry monster, lot's dark chocolate, prum, smoky.
P: Very nice and deep. medium body. medium finish. finished well. back palate.
C: 90 points. Sample from Birdaug, thanks! An very nice heavy-sherried Glenlivet, but reminds you the big Glen Grants. Finished extremly nice.

Macallan 7yo (40%, OB)
C: Brown, watering.
N: Very standard Macallan, sweet, nut, pear/apple, malt, citrus.
P: thin, nutty, medium finish.
C: 80 points. 1 points higher than last time. Simple yet nice.Sample from Mitch, thanks

Macallan 15yo 1984 (43%, OB)
C: deep brown, seems quite oil.
N: much more sherry influence. prum and chocolate.
P: Medium body, medium finish, dry finish, woody.
C: 83 points. 3 points higher than last time. Sample from Johannes, thanks. Not powerful enough but good for sherry cask lovers.

Macallan 10yo Cask Strength (58.8%, OB)
C: Brown, oil and thick.
N: Orange, prum, sherried.
P: Hot, powerful, quite nice balanced. good.
C: 86 points. 4 points lower than last time. Sample from Johannes,thanks. This is an very nice Macallan. Macallan lovers should really look after the Duty Free Cask Strength bottles.

Macallan 1988/2002 (60.2%, John Milroy's, C#6519, Taiwan Exclusive)
C: Yellow. clear.
N: Vanilla, citrus, quite malty and not easy to tell if it is a Macallan. Very clean nose.
P: Medium body, malty sweet, mild, not that strong as 60%, dry finish.
C: 86 points. an nice Speysider, yet not that Macallan Grassy.  Sample from Chiutefu, thanks.  one points less than the 1980 version(C#17906).

Macallan 18yo 1987/2005 (58%, Turnbulls)
C: Yellow, clear.
N: nut, mint, malty, clear Macallan style. Deep and thick.
P: Sweet, medium body. medium finish. again, very Macallan. refill sherry cask?
C: 83 points. Sample from Eric Chen. Straigh taste better.

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