Bruichladdich 39yo 1966/2005 (41.4%, Peerless, Cask#190, 230b.)

Sample from Open House.  Golden, lot’s fresh fruit.  Vanilla.  Quite deep and nice.  Lovely old malt.  Very lightly peated.  Matured.  A little bit over the peak.  Kind of salty finish.  Some leave mint at the end.  Score: 87.




Glenfarclas 40yo (43%, OB)

Sample taken back from the distillery.  We tasted this one in the distillery but because it was tasted after the 50yo WIP, I think it’s better to re-taste again later.  The 40 yo is actually comes from one cask.  But use different labels.  So you'll need to buy  31 bottles to collect them all.  Brown.  Clear old sherry.  Strong.  Rice, woody.  Medium Peat? Some leather shoes.  Finished extremely long.  Very enjoyable.  Some malty sweet with a little bit salt in mouth.  Palate is better than nose.  Adding water get some chocolate.  Very nice old malt.  Score: 90.




Blairfindy 35yo (53.7%, Blackadder, Cask Ref#BA2004/203, 406b.)

Sample from Open House.  Light Brown.  Quite oil.  Fresh.  Lot’s citrus.  Hint of toffee.  Very lightly peated.  Hint of tropical fruit.  Quite strong.  Adding water just gone.  Not bad but just comparing weak after the 40yo.  Score: 87.




Caol Ila 7yo 1994/2002 (43%, Ultimate Selection, Cask#10835)

Sample brought back by my friend House when he visited Japan.  Light Yellow.  Very robust.  Lots peat.  Tropical fruit.  Kind of like Laguvaulin.  A little bit simple.  Finished short.  Light body.  Score: 85.




Caol Ila 20yo 1975 (61.12%, Rare Malts)

Sample from Open House.  Golden, very oil.  Clear house style.  Too simple, just peat and fruit.  Adding water taste better.  Light body.  Medium finish.  Score: 82.






Blind sample form Brian

Golden.  Seems quite oil.  Very Peaty.  Fine legs.  Tropical fruit.  I think it’s Laphroaig.  Quite salty.  Medium finish.  Very little nut at the end.  Guess: Laphroaig 17yo 55.2%? Score: 91.  Very nice peat monster.  And the answer is: Ardbeg 10yo 1991/2001 (60.3%, Cadenhead Bond Reserve. 306b.) 







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