Serendipity NAS (40%,
OB , vatting of Ardbeg and Glen Moray)

Golden yellow.  Very fruity.  Citrus, nutty.  Some sulfer earth feel. Cake?  Very lightly peated.  Even more nutty when tasting.  Seems like about 12yo, maybe 15yo.  Finished dry.  And not bad.  Adding water got orange feel.  And quite nice.  Score:77.  General speaking not bad.  But something I don’t like in it.



Ardbeg 30yo very old (40%, OB )

Brown.  Very peaty.  Sea, island.  Hint of citrus.  Some malty sweat.  Mild yet with personality.  Meaty.  A little bit lack of touching feel.  But still quite enjoyable.  Score: 88.



Ardbeg 11yo 1991/2002 (62.2%, Cadenhead’s Bond Reserve.  306b.)

Sample from Johnnes.  Golden.  Strong yet beautiful nose.  Think body.  Very peaty.  Lot's of tropical fruit.  Malty.  Salty.  Meaty.  Ripe fruit. Warming feel.  Strong yet acceptable mild feeling.  Hint of citrus after adding water. This one is the kind of malt makes you yell.  Yelling you just want this one and you can’t help to have another dram immediately.  Kept thinking want to have some more.  One of the best malt I tasted this year. Score: 94.  Must buy.



Ardbeg 1990 (55%, OB , 1,800b. for Japanese Market)

Golden yellow.  Peaty yet refreshing.  Fresh fruit.  Beautiful legs.  Mint.  Malty sweat.  Mint.  A little bit nutty in the mouth.  Finished medium and quite well.  Score: 91.



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