Glen Scotia Jul. 1999/Jun. 2006 (52.7%, OB for Whisky Fair, Bourbon barrels#1999/541+542, 464b. Heavily Peated)
Color: Light yellow, straw, pale.
Nose: Peated, a little bit soapy. Reminds you the young bourbon Bowmore, good ones. Vanilla and pear, star fruit, hint of flower.
Palate: Light body. Finished long. Robust, hot. Very nice and fresh. Adding water get more peaty/earthy feel. And become thicker, sweeter, and hot again.
Conclusion: 91 points. This is a very nice and unique one, out performed its core range for sure.
Caol Ila 1993/2003 Extra Strength (50%, Wilson & Morgon)
Color: Pale yellow, very light in color.
Nose: Peat, very light malty feel, some fruity note, Caol Ila house style, easy.
Palate: Peated, bitter with nutty finish. Light body. Finished long.
Conclusionr: 84 points. An standard but easy caol Ila.
Caol Ila 1993/2006 Distillers Edition (43%, OB, Moscatel Finished Ref#C-S;1-465)
Color: Dark godl, brownish.
Nose: Peat, sweet wine. Wine cask changed it’s house style. But sems not improved it. Get more body.
Palate: Medium to light body. Short finish, lack of beautiful Caol Ila light and clean style.
Conclusion: 79 points. Wine finish certainly didn’t make it better.
Caol 26yo 20.1.1975/14.5.2004(56.1%, signatory, Cask#459, 242b. dumty bottle)
Color: Light gold.
Nose: fruity, citrus and orange peel, lemony. Light peat.
Palate: Light body, citrus. Medium finish. Hot.
Conclusion: 89 points. Very nice and refreshing. The longer the better.


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