Bruichladdich 14yo 1991 WMD II The Yellow Submarine (46%, OB)
Yellow, very fruity.  easy, clear bourbon cask.  Wood finish? not mentioned on the label.  Scoer: 85.

Macallan 18yo 1986 Mission V (46%, MMCD, 930b. bourbon/port casks)
Brown, tropical fruit, sweet, salty feel.  kind of strange nose.  later found out it's port finish.  Not very standard Macallan.  Score: 82.

Bruichladdich 11yo 1994 Full Strength 2nd Edition (56.5%, OB)
Quite strong.  Light Yellow.  fruity with some hint of flower.  Sea.  Quite salty finish.  Score: 87.

Aberlour 12yo 1992/2005 (59.5%, Duncan Tayler Whisky Galore, Cask#101692, 448b.)
Yellow, Tropical fruit.  Nutty.  Creaming.   Clear Sherry cask, but very light color, and not mentioned on the label. Citrus at the end.  Salty palate.  light flower finish.  Score: 87.

Macallan 12yo 1992/2005 (52.8%, Duncan Tayler Whisky Galore, Cask#12850, 326b., Sherry Cask)
Golden, Sherry sweet.  Toffee.  Chocolate.  Citrus, very orange.   a little bit not.  Score: 89.  Very nice Macallan.

Purnier Vitange 1974, 2nd exclusive Congac House bottling.  (60.3%, WIP sample)
So nice!  One of the best cognac I've tasted so far.  Score: 90up

Trestarig New Spirit
Brought back by Vera, What a surprise!  Very fruity.  Even heavier body than normal Bruichladdich.  What a surprise for a triple distillation.  no clear peat influence. 

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