Rosebank 14yo 1990/2004 (56.3%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#225, 148b, Hogshead)

Golden Color, Malty, some hint of fruit, white chocolate, soft, finish long, salty.  This one lost extramly large during within the 14 years.  Very strange, Robin noticed that, he has no explanation.  But this cask is the best among his Rosebank casks. Score: 85.

 Cragganmore 14yo 1989/2004 (56.6%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#1969, 260b. Hogshead)

Golden.  According to Robin, this comes from an sherry hogshead.  Some hint of craming nose.  Tropical fruit.  Honey?  A little bit peat but not obvious.  Some orange feel in the back, but can't tell the house style.  Finished short.  Adding water improved quite a lot.  not only brings out clear fruity nose, alse help taste softer and finished longer.  Some bonus point.  Score: 86.

Glenury 30yo 1973/2003 (50.7%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#6861, 167b.)

Golden brown.  Tasted earlier.  Today's tasting are just open.  Though still complex, it seems not open up and still need some time.  Score: 88.  but personal record will keep previous 90.

The Old Man of Hoy 14yo 1989/2003 (57%, Blackadder, Cask ref: 2004/H09, believed to be Highland Park)

Golden Brown, Some peat at first.  sea, craming , tropical fruit.  Sherry inflence.  nutty hint.  sweet, salty.  For me this one taste even close to Scapa.  Score: 82.

Blairfindy 23yo 1980/2003 (57.5%, Blackadder, Cask#5983, Sherry Butt, believed to be Glenfarclaus)

Should comes from the same lot as previous tasting.  But I only got the cask referance number, not the cask number.  Brown, Sherry, chocolate, smoking, malty, toffee. After previouly seriously Glenfarclaus vertical tasting, I think only 25yo OB is slightly better or perform the same as this one. Score: 88.

Smoking Islay (55%, Blackadder Cask#2004/01, believed to be Laphroaig)

Not thing need to be added.  Score: 88.

Caol Ila 25yo 1979/2004 (61.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#5334, 225b. Hogshead)

Not tasting very seriously.  Sould be the same as previouly tasting, but cask number different.  Need to check out.  Score: 91.

Port Ellen 21yo 1982/2004, misprint to be 1983 (62.7%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#45334, 563b. Sherry Butt)

Same cask as last tasting, but performs much better than last time.  very deep and complex.  I must raise my point to Score:92.  It proved again heavey peat can mix well with heavy sherry.

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