After yesterday's happy Bowmore advanture, I fiinally made up my mind to buy the famous Bowmore Fino cask 1964. I have been told by my fellow Maniacette Martine that this is the best Bowmore she has ever tasted.  Currently it is not for sell anywhere.  I found the #13 bottle left alone at the store.  Price is not cheap, almost 1200 Euro, about the market price.

Waiting for the package, I spot a strange bottle in the shop.  The Arran 1982?, How come?  I remember Arran was opened in 1995.  I think there is something wrong with the bottle.  I called Stephen and Brian immediately, they all later confrimed my findings.  I sent out e-mail to Maniacs and decide to buy a bottle to take pictures. Withe Johannes help, we soon get Arran's repond and confirmed it's a fake.  I told my friend Jason, who worked in the shop, to check it out.  They are now tracing the source.  I'll post the up-date once I got more inofrmation.

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