The Springbank Cuvee 1965&1993/2004 (46%, Murray McDavid, Marriage of Fresh Sherry 1965 and Bourbon 1993, Cask#MM0406, 736/1224b.)

Received two bottles today. Can't wait to taste it.  The label indicate it was the last award winning 1965 bottling.  As far as I remember, I gave that one a 91 high score. Will the Jim's magic appear again in this marriage bottleing?

Quite dark color, almost golden brown. I heard that it contains the last cask of 1965 MMCD had.  Thus a reasonable guess the ratial is 1:3. 

Nose is quite sweet, sherry influence. Clear Maltiness , Citrus Fruit.  A little bit Chacolate.  Adding water bring out more fruitiness.

Taste: Smooth, Oil, Short, Fruity. 

It not really like a young Springbank, very enjoyable, lots of nose to discover.  Much better than recent young OB bottling.  Almost beat my be-loved Balvenie 25yo OB.  Score 87.

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