Date: Jan. 14, 2007
Place: At home.

Auchroisk 28yo 1974/2003 (56.8%, Rare Malts)
C: Yellow.
N: Vanilla, citrus, very woody. some malty feel mixed with vanilla at the end. A little bit lemon and cookie.
P: Light to medium body. Powerful. Finished short and hot. Light style malt. quite OK.
C: 81 points. Quit nice vanilla light style malt. Not that impressive but seems much better than just open. Dilute does not help. 屬於清淡口感的酒, 中等表現.

Bruichladdich 20yo 1986/2006 Blacker Still (50.7%, OB, 2,840 Bts.)
C: Dark brown.
N: Smoky and chocolate. Bitter sweet. A little bit burned cookie.
P: Medium to heavy body. finished well. Sweet, with some bitter dark chocolate. Quite nice performed.
C: 88 points. Dilute get even more somky feel. Quite match the image of the package. A vey nice sherried Bruiladdich. 似乎我是唯一喜歡這支酒的人, 口感改變了嗎? 有點焦味(有些人認為是硫磺) 似乎還蠻有趣的.

Speyside Singel Malt (Glenfarclas?) 35yo 1971/2006 (51.4%, Whiskyfair, 534 Bts. Sherry Butt)
C: Dark brown.
N: Very nice and enjoyable sherry influence. Prum, aprica, hint of sugar/toffee, veyr deep and complex.
P: Medium body, matured. big and dry. finished very well. lingering.Very enjoyable.
C: 92 points. Can really fell some tannin. very deep and comlex. Also very good to add some ice with food.我的年份, 個人一直很喜歡這樣子的Glenfarclas, 強而有力的感覺! 尤其還可以輕鬆的加冰塊喝有種大口喝酒, 大口吃肉的草莽味!

Port Ellen 26yo 1979/2006 (50%, OMC, 602 Bts. Refill butt C#DL Ref 2856)

C: Light yellow.
N: Very peaty and smoky. with hint of tropical fruit. some light and malty feel.
P: Light yet powerful. a little bit lack of complex.but easy to drink.
C: 88 points. Can't feel it's refill butt(more like refill bourbon). an easy peaty malt. Port Ellen的酒一向稍嫌簡單, 雖然是支不錯的酒, 但是稍嫌層次感不足!

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