Bowmore NAS "Ship Label" (43%, OB, Sherriff Emmepi Roma, 60's)
Color: Dark gold, clear thick legs, going down very slow.
Nose:very fruity, some very interesting old malt nose. Sweet  cereal. hint of vanella. Hint of peat, but not clear. Creaming. Very creamin.  Like refill sherry cask.. But maybe some bourbon cask influence as well.  Fresh cut wood.
Palate: Medium body, Medium finish. Salty. very nice palate. Some fruity feel. very salty finish.
Conclusion: 91 points. An amazing old malt. very well done. Dilute get beautiful venella and apple.  這支酒是從Limburg 帶回來的, 在那裡喝就很喜歡, 回來還是覺得很不可思議! 20歐元一份! 超級划算!

Bowmore "Black" 1964/1993 (50%, OB, first edition, 2000b.)
Color: brown. a little bit dark green. very beautiful legs. 
Nose: Interesting and clear house style. Old malt nose. peaty. sweet, sherry, chocolate. a little bit sea influence. 
Palate: warm. balanced, medium body. long finish. fresh. complex. layered, enjoyable.
Conclusion: 93 points. Really worth to try.  Dilute get more old malt effect, with just hint of sea.  55歐元一份, 大家自己算算看值不值得.  我似乎是會場唯一喝的人, 喝完有好多人用羨慕的眼光看我, 有位酒友還認真的問我值不值得, 值得, 當然值得! 誰捨得開這一瓶十萬台幣的酒呢?


Single Malt Lover!

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