Glen Keith 10yo (43%, OB)
Color: Golden.
Nose: Fruity, very speyside, lots citrus, very simple.
Taste: Medium body. Young, not bad, standard average malt. very bourbon cask, no caramel.
Conclusion: 80 points. As a 10yo malt, it performs better then average 10yo. Reminds me the early 10yo Balvenie.

Glen Keith 33yo 1971/2005 (50.8%, Duncan Tayler, 50ml miniature)
Color: Dark brown. Oil, beautiful legs.
Nose: Heavily sherried. Beautiful sweet sherry nose with lots flower. hint of chocolate. then some plum. Beautiful.
Taste: 93 points. Matured at it's peak. Almost the best an old sherry malt can be. Reminds me Glenfarclas. No wonder, I later found out during 1970 to 1973 Glen Keith was Gas fired. 常瑞沒有進這支真是錯了, 這是我這兩年來喝到最喜歡的一支Duncan Tayler 重雪莉桶, 絕對適合台灣人的口味! 可惜我在去年五月三號喝到的sample只給了89分, 不過我記得我應該有說這支直得進口才是!

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