Arrived London in the early morning.  No chance to see the Duty Free Shops, but the shop near the domestic flight offers some good single malt like Lagavulin 12yo 2004 edition, Talisker 1991 Double Mature, Glenfiddich “Caoran Reserve”, BTW, BA offers Caoran Reserve at discount price on air.  Our flight to Edinburgh delays for 30 mins.  But should has nothing to do with the bomb in London one day earlier.  I didn’t hear anybody discuss it while waiting, though BBC is doing life in the same time as one day earlier at the bombing areas.  Our hotel in Edinburgh is Holiday Inn, just next to the Edinburgh Zoo.  Our plan is to visit the zoo in the afternoon.  

Edinburgh Zoo is quite famous as it’s well organized for family visit.  This zoo is quite different from the one I’ve visited, very ROYAL I’d say. My kids were quite excited to see the famous penguin parade.  But I was a little bit disappointed as I thought all the penguins will come out but only 8 were out for a 100 meter walk.  

The Holiday Inn offers a very small family room at UK$153 per night. Just enough to put in a full size bed and two extra single.  Since we still has Jet Lag, we all went to bed at 6 o’clock. Before we went back to the room, I had a pint of local beer Carling.  


Single Malt Lover!

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