Balveine 10yo (40%, OB, Cognac Bottle)

This bottling was sold before 1992, when Balvenie change to the current outlook.  The “Cognac Bottle” sold quite a lot in France.  And was said to the single malt taste like a cognac.  Color: golden brown.  Quite oil as an 40% one.  Thick legs yet going down slow.  Nose: very nice citrus but with a hint of chocolate.  Very balanced vatting as the first impression.  Some light flower nose brings out the honey house style.  Then turned orange like.  Palate: quite smooth and easy yet still got some power.  Medium Body.  Medium Finish..  Adding water got more orange feel and a little bit caramel, and also some mint.  The orange feel stay in the mouth quite long.  A very enjoyable malt!  Score:86.



Auchentoshan 31yo 1966/1997 (45.1%, OB, Hogshead#509)

It state, “Straight from the cask, no chill filtered”.  What a surprise.  Color: Brown, thick and beautiful legs going down slow.  Nose: strong, woody.  Lot’s of flower, clear maltiness.  Mint, very little citrus.  Light and gentle.  Palate: a little bit nut, chemical or earth, rice.  Finish: Short and gentle.  A very high class malt.  If not the strange chemical taste it would be in the 90s.  Score: 89

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