Recently I’ve get the chance to taste come old Highland Park.  Thus, I’ve decided to taste some of the samples in hand to have a better idea about the house style.



Highland Park 12yo (40%, OB, 2004)

Yellow brown. Malty, fruity, chocolate, mint.  Balanced well.  Robust, lightly peated.  Hint of nut, very little heather.  Smooth, nutty in mouth.  Finished long.  Robust.  Adding water taste better.  Score: 80.  2 points higher than award 2004.



Highland Park 18yo (43%, OB, 2004)

Yellow brown.  Mint, mature.  Lot’s heather.  Flowerish.  Still a little bit nutty.  Even more robust.  Nosing is much better than 12yo.  A little bit bitter.  Finished very nice.  Adding water taste much better.  Very fruity.  Score: 85. Also 2 points higher than award 2004.



Highland Park 25yo 1979 (46%, Murray McDavid, 750b. Mission four)

Yellow Brown.  Lot’s of furiy and flower.  Nosing very strong.  Mint and venella.  Balanced, sweet.  Finished long.  A very nice dram.  Score: 90.



Highland Park 37yo 1966/2003 (40.9%, Peerless, Cask#4637, 148b.)

Yellow brown.  Nosing excellent. Ripe apple.  Mature.  Fruity.  Weak in palate.  What a pity.  Very weak finish.   Score: 86.  I think this one would perform much better if bottled 5 years earlier.  Nosing is almost perfect. 

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