Springbank C.V. (46%, OB)
Sample from Murder.  Yellow Brown color.  Malty.  Some sherry influence.  Clear legs.  wide and thick.  Some clear tropical fruit.  actually quite stand Springbank style.  a little bit carame can be identified by nosing.  Quite disappointing on palate.  Adding water become wores.  Score: 78.  Same as Jan. 1st. tasting. 

Springbank 10yo 1993/2004 (50%, OMC, 628b.)
Sample from Cheers.  Yellow.  Quite oil.  Nutty and Malty.  Clear citrus fruit.  Not very clear lesg. slow.   Weak in palate.  Short finish.  too simple.  Score: 81.  

Springbank 14yo Port Wood (52.8%, OB, 7,200b. 2004)
Sample from Bird.  Brown, vey oil.  Clear port influence.  Sweet.  Quite nice nose.  Howeve, quite simple palate.  Finish short.  No wonder Balveine 21yo Port is a class.  Score: 82.

Springbank 34yo 1969/2003 (54.7%, Signatory, Butt#262, 408b.)
Yellow Gold.  Veyr oil.  Robust.  Clear fruit.  Creaming.  Not very standard sherry.  Very complex.  Some mint.  Very freshing.  Mild body.  Score: 90.  I was very surprise to find this bottle in Taipei.  This bottle won the 2004 Maniac Award for lowland and campbeltown.  Average score 88.  My score is about the same as the Award score.  And I am very happy to find out that during the BLIND award tasting.  I was able to identified it comes from refill sherry cask. I am GOOD!

Single Malt Lover!

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