Glengoyne 10yo 40% OB
Standard Low Land Style, Score: 75.

Glengoyne 17yo 43% OB
Very beautiful Malt nose.  Fresh, Storng, littel fruity.  Solid body, very surprising one. better than 21yo ob.  Score: 82.

Old Pulteney 12yo OB 40%
Tried one more time, no clear personality.  Everyday drinking. Score: 78.

Dalmore 12yo 43% OB
Now I finally know why this one is popular in Taiwan. Caremal, Smoking, Cheap. Score: 78.

Dalmore Cigar Malt OB 40%
Not as heavy as I thought.  Finished sweet. Score: 76.

Dalmore 30yo The Stillman's Dram OB 45%
I fell like I just came from hell to heaven. Smoking, Malty, Fresh fruit.  Solid and mature. Finished long and complex. A little bit honey like.  If the house style close a little bit to my taste, I would gave it 90.  Score: 88. A great one.


Single Malt Lover!

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