Topic: The five existing and still botting Dufftown distillery

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Dufftown 12yo (43%,Chieftain's Choice, Sherry Wood Finish)

There were several Dufftown IB bottles can be found in Taiwan.  However, I have never being able to taste any of them.  This one was the old Chieftain's bottling. Gold brown color.  Quite good nose, fruity with a hint of smoke. Taste quite nice but finished thin. The sherry influence become obvious after adding water. Young and robust. Score: 78. (M:78, R:76, B:C+, D:79, S:80)

Glenfiddich 12yo (43%, OB, Plastic Flat Bottle 500ml)

This one is an unusual Plastic bottel with Alc. 43%.  Light yellow color. Clear house style.  Mint citrus like. Slightly peat feel. Finished short and dry.  I can feel this one seems slightly better than normal 12yo. Score: 79. (M:80, R:80, B:B-, D:78, S:77)

Mortlach 21yo (43%,G&M, eagle label)
The 21yo G&M bottling seldom being spot in the market.  Brown Yellow Color. Nutty? Smoking for sure.  Sherried, but not too much.  Taste smooth, but almost has no finish.  Adding water performs better.  Salty.  Score: 72. (M:77, R:82, B: B-, D:81, S:83) This is the only bottle I rated quite different with the others.  I think major influence comes from the two Mortlach I tasted earlier this week.

lvenie 15yo Single Barrel 1978/1999 (50.4%, OB, Cask#4712, actually 20yo)

Again, very rare.  It's still hand writing label and it's actually 20yo.  Golden color. Beautiful nose, honey, fruity, Balvenie style.  Taste smooth, finished long, on going for a long time.  Very nice body.  Balanced well.  Could be one of my favorite Balvenie so far.  Score: 88. (M:88, R:92, B:B+, D:90, S:87)

Glendullen 1981/1998 (58.7%, Scott’s Selection)
Could be the only bottling import to Taiwan.  Golden color.  Too strong to nose.  Fruity.  Adding water, some mint and citrus like.  Simple.  Finished long.  Strong, my style. Score: 82. (M:83, R:85, B:B~B+, D:87, S:79)

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