I promised Kirsty of Duncan Tayler to visit their store this morning.  Huntly is far then I thought.  I didn’t meet Kirsty as she is sick and has to stay at home.  Hope she’ll get well soon.  Nathalie is taking care of the store as I walk in, she just met Serge in the Vinexpo.  I found out the price here is about 50% cheaper than in Taiwan, too bad I don’t have room for these bottles, can only take some miniatures with me.  Didn’t hear any news this time.  Nathalie took a picture for us and post on their website.  We then had quite a good time in the Huntly Castle.  The castle is quite old but you can climb up to see most of the main structure.  The kids kept asking me why there is no prince and princes in the castle?  Umm, very hard question for me.



Our appointment at the Macallan is 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  As I mentioned the visit to Paul and Martine on Monday. They arranged the visit to be free and left me a bottle of 12yo Fine Oak and a Macallan watch.  That’s really a surprise to me.  It is quite a pity that Macallan is in maintenance and can’t get inside.  However, we still being able to have a sneak view outside the still house.  The coppersmith is changing part of a still.  The still is truly quite small no wonder they have to decrease the bottling as I have no idea how they can meet the huge demand in Taiwan, not too mention all over the world.  One thing quite nice in Macallan is that you’ll be able to see the Golden Promise barley right after you drive in.  It’s quite a view as I can already see some crops on it.  The tour contains a vertical tasting. And the VIP tasting room is just besides the Master’s tasting room.  You can see Master Bob working inside while we are doing the tasting.  Poor Bob, but it’s quite unique experience.

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