Date: May 2, 2007

這裡是法蘭克福, 相形之下Limburg是否更吸引人呢?

Bunnahabhain 8yo 1997/2006 (58.4%, SMWS, C#10.60)
C: Brown gold, clear and oil, sample from Chloe.
N: light peat, smoky, robust, nutty, sherry influence, grain, quite nice sherry nose.
P: Burned, medium body. medium finish. sweet, nutty bitter. not my style.
C: 80 points. Nose better than palate. Lot's burned rubber, somewaht reminds you the Blacker Still.  有相當多的燃燒橡膠味, 年輕的Bunnahabhain.

Bunnahabhain 1967/2002 (40.5%, JWWW, Prenzlow Collection, 120bts.)
C: Brow, clear, watering, Limburg sample. 
N: Heavily sherried. Fruity, prum, sweet, lot's wine nose. Hint of apple. Light peat.
P: Mild, medium body, a littl bit nutty, reminds you old Springbank, rice and grain. somewhat like old Bruichladdich.
C: 90 points. A very nice old dram. 大口喝很棒的老酒, 老的Bruichladdich 與 Bunnahabhain其實有點像.

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