Mortlach 1990/2004 Sherry Wood (46%, Wilson & Morgon)
Color: Dark gold.
Nose: Nice fresh fruit nose, clear citrus, nutty sweet. Kind of simple, robust.
Palate: Very nutty, heavy body, gripy. Long fihish. more like refill bourbon hogshead. 
Conclusion: 76 points. Very nice fruity nose, but not typical house style. Hard to recognize as Mortlach. Don't like the nutty fihish.

Mortlach 32yo 1971/2004 (50.1%, OB)
Color: Beautiful light bright gold. My favorite color.
Nose: Interesting grain note with beautiful flower. Heather. Orchard. Red fruit, very clean.
Palate: Medium body. still very gripy. Medium finish. It's too perfect to be Mortlach. Very enjoyable one.
Conclusion: 91 points. Totally different with the sherry monsters I had before.  A very elegant dram. 

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