Highland Park 40yo 1966/2006 (41%, Duncan Tayler, Cask#4630, 156b.)
Color: Gold.
Nose: Heather, fruity as well, lemon, sweet, very typical HP style. smokier and peater than I thought. a little bit like bourbon cask. but more like refill sherry. creaming. get better and better later. I don't quite like it first. but becoming much better. flower.
Palate:Very salty. last very long. still powerful. Medium to thin body.
Conclusion: 91 points. an vey elegant and good dram. very enjoyable. yet easy to drink. adding water get more orange peel feel. very good body. dry finish. very nice salty. 這支酒延續性不錯, 需要稍稍醒一下.

Scotia 28yo 1975 (46%, MMCD Mission 3, 498b.)
Color: Yellow gold.
Nose, Nutty, strrange nose, woody and creaming, unusual fishy nose, but probably standand campblet town? 檀香? 甘草?
Palate: very strange palate. herb, dry powerful salty, not nice.
Conclusion: 80 points. a very unique malt. Not similar to any bottle I've tasted before. 有點踩到地雷的感覺, 跟Whiskyfair 的1999 heavy peat款剛好是天堂與地獄的感覺.

Longrow 14yo 1990/2004 (57.8%, SMWS, Cask#114.4, P para handy tales.)
Color: Golden.
Nose: Very peaty, very smoky, very islay style. Fruity and peaty, tropical fruit. Mango, sea.
Palate: strong. Palate Killer. More like Ardbeg/Laphroaig style. Strong body.
Conclusion: 93 points. Unlike the Longrow I've tasted before. More thick in body. Very Islay style.  這支酒是Charles MacLean帶來的禮物, 他說他不記得味道, 但是他們當SMWS審酒的人可以從該次選出的酒中挑一瓶當做酬勞, (這個主意不錯...) 這瓶酒是其中之一, 個人是非常滿意啦!

Tormore 12yo (40%, OB, Blue label new, crica 2005)
Color: Golden, not clear legs, watering.
Nose: fruity, nuty, simple, creal/grain, biscutt.
Palate: Honey, caramel. very speyside. mild and easy.
Conclusion: 79 points. an comparing easy one. not good not bad.


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