BenRiach 12yo (43%, OB)
Color: Golden, not clear legs, watering.
Nose: Fruity, citrus, very beautiful fruit, fresh with some tropical fruity. Mint. Adding water get beautiful flower.
Palate: Light body, easy, medium finish.
Conclusion: 83 points. Light and sweet speyside style. A little bit close to Balvanie. Light. Very nice and enjoyable. Light peated.
BenRiach 16yo (43%, OB)
Color: Golden, watering.
Nose: animal(horse and leather), cinnamon, ripe fruit.
Palate: a little bit caramel but not too much, still light body. More matured. Clear leather.
Conclusion: 79 points. Comparing deep and matured. More complex. Some interesting nose.
BenRiach 20yo (43%, OB, old label)
85 points. Similar to 46% but in a more light style. More vanilla after a while. A little bit weak.
BenRiach 20yo (46%, OB, new label)
Color: Golden.
Nose: mint fruity. Oak. Ripe fruit. Quite beautiful nose. with a little bit grassy feel.
Palate: Medium to light body. Finished long. And well. No caremel.
Conclusion: 85 points. This is a very nice speysideer, very balanced. Just too balanced.
BenRiach 10yo Curiositas (46%, OB, peated version)
Color: Golden.
Nose: Very smoky. Iodine. Fruity. Sea. Very Islay style. Must be using island peat. Seaweed.
Palate: Light body. Peat. Bitter.
Conclusion: 83 points. A little bit lack of layer. Too easy.
BenRiach 21yo Authenticus (46%, OB, peated version)
Color: Golden,
Nose: Medium peat, heather, similar to Highland Park style. Grass and wood.
Palate: Sweet, some peat. Salty. Medium body. Warm
Conclusion: 90 points. Very balance. Warm just at the right peaty level.
BenRiach 15yo (54.2%, OB WIP. Tawany Port Wood Finich. Sample Ref#0035A15)
Color: Straw, orange brown.
Nose: orange. A little bit creaming.
Palate: taste just like port.
Conculsion: 91 points. Probably the best Port finish I’ve ever had.
BenRiach 12yo (56.5%, OB WIP, peated, Taway Port finish, Ref#0035A10)
Color: Light orange..
Nose: peat, a little bit flower.
Palate: sweet.
Conclusion: 84 points. Not too peaty.
BenRiach 15yo (54%, OB WIP, Medeira barrel, Ref#0035A9)
83 points. Finished Madeira.
BenRiach 15yo (53.7%, OB WIP, Pedro Ximinz Sherry Butt, Ref#0035A13)
87 points.
BenRiach 15yo (54%, OB WIP, Dark Rum Berrel Ref#0035A14)
85 points.
BenRiach 1980 (55%, OB WIP, Cask#2535, Virgin Oak wood, Ref#0035A6)
Color: Dark brown.
Nose: beautiful vanilla sweet.
90 points.
BenRiach 1968 (52%, OB WIP, Cask#2712, hogshead, Ref#0035A1)
91 points.
BenRiach 1977 (52%, OB WIP, Cask#3793, Oloroso Sherry Butt, Peated)
80 points.
BenRiach 1984 (55%, OB WIP, Oloroso Butt. Cask#1438, sherry butt)
89 points.
BenRiach 1978 (54%, OB WIP, Cask#1596)
91 points.
BEnRiach 1986 (55%, OB WIP, Sherry But, Rich Peated.)
90 points.

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