July 5th, 2006, Bruichladdich Cask Sample for Club Bottling(And some tasting in that week.)

Bruichladdich 17yo (46%, OB)
Color: Light gold.
Nose: Grassy, malty, fresh fruit.
Palate: Light, crisp. Cereal sweet. Become very grassy for a white.
Conclusion: act as the reference, I only have standard sample on this bottle.

Bruichladdich 1994 (OB, WIP, Cask#55, draw: Jun. 27, 2006)
Color: Light, Gold, small legs, large.
Nose: More speyside style. Mlaty, Fresh fruit, cookies, cereal sweet.
Palate: Robust, hot, Medium body, Medium finish, not very peaty, only hint of peat, last long. Powerful. Very creamin body.
Conclution: 85 point. 53%?Not an standard Laddie. Very creaming. But should be refill bourbon cask, or several times filled sherry.

Bruichladdich 1994 (OB, Cask#06/0096-8, draw Jun, 27, 2006)
Color: Full gold.
Nose: Clear hint of cigarette, must be the Rum finish one.(Very clear rum finish) Tropical fruit.
Palate: hot, robust, medium light body, Medium finish, Palate killer, Last long. Quite clear rum influence. Salty.
Conclusion: 87 points, 57%? this one might be more impressive, much better finish, Quite hot. Unfortunately, both are not my Laddie.

Glenugie 24yo 1981/2006 (61.8%, Blackadder, Cask#5515, 526b.)
88 points, 忙著討論社酒要選哪一支, 沒有認真紀錄, 也許品酒會時再看看.

Bowmore 40yo 1966/2006 (43.2%, Duncan Tayler, Cask#3317, 171b.)
92 points, very nice old malt, Seaweed. Some peat, old malt effect, very oil. Last long at mouth. An very good old Bowmore.

Tamdhu 25yo (43%, OB, crica 2006?)
78 points. Gold brown, quite nice nose. Flower and honey. Not quite good palate. Thin. Salty. (Tamdhu and Glenglassaugh was tasted at 品陳)

Glenglassaugh 22yo (40%, OB, >2005)
75 points. Too thin in palate. Normal one.


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