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說來慚愧, Kingfisher 辦的品酒會自己沒post 紀錄, 只能說最近真的太多事情了! 這次品酒會似乎挑選的酒過於強勁, 酒與酒之間的差異不明顯, 有點可惜!
Port Ellen 23yo 1975/1998 (45%, Samaroli, 744b. 70cl.)
Color: light yellow, clear, oil, thick legs.
Nose: peat, straight, citrus, fruity, 番紅花? A little bit sea, very standard house style, bourbon cask, hint of malt.
Palate: Light body, finished long, sweet, clear peat. Bitter.
Conclusion: 82. A little bit watering, pity.  Over peated, would be better if it is complex and thick.
Port Ellen 18yo Dec.1981/Nov. 2000 (52.7%, OMC, 210b. Sherry Cask, Alambic Germany)
Color: Brown.
Nose: Clear sherry influence, but not over, Nutty and malty with peat. Tropical fruit, hint of banana, very ncie nose.  Comes from a very nice cask for sure. Smoky.
Palate: Medium body. Long finish. Balanced well.  Can’t believe it’s only 18yo.
Conclusion: 91, a very nice one.  Who said young Port Ellen is not good.
Port Ellen 27 yo 1978/2006 (55.3%, DL Plantum, 375b.)
Color: Golden, oil, slow legs.
Nose: Beautiful peat and fresh fruit, rich! 蜜豆冰(屏東夜市), hint of tropical fruit, creaming. (Sherry cask?) Nutty.
Palate: Sweet, Medium body, finish long. Mild, very nice balanced!
Conclusion: 91, this is a very nice and balanced Port Ellen, I would rate it even higher if it’s not Port Ellen, I expect something more powerful.
Port Ellen 23yo 28.9,1976/7.10,1999 (55.6%, Signatory, Cask#4797, 296b.)
Color: Golden, Oil, quit nice legs.
Nose: very fruity, with some peat kind of simple, smoky, sea, bourbon cask.
Palate: Sweet, light body, finished short, comparing weak. Kind of simple. Peat bitter.
Conclusion: 88, Not the best Signatory Port Ellen bottle I’ve ever tasted.
Port Ellen 2nd Release 24yo 1978/2002 (59.35%, OB, 12,000b.)
Color: Golden, clear, oil.
Nose: thick, peaty, tropical fruit, complex. Layered, sea. Seaweed. Iodine, 番紅花, Crab.
Palate: Salty, thick body, finished long. Matured, very ncice.
Conclusion: 91, Very nice one.  Adding water last longer.
Port Ellen 25yo 1978/2004 (61.1%, OMC, DL Ref#655, Rifill butt, Alambic Germany)
Color: Golden, oil.
Nose: Peat, Rich fruit, Charming, very nice one. Nutty, cooky, mint, Heather flower.. Peat log.
Palate: Medium body, balanced finished balanced, matured.
Color: 92, an very nice one.
最後一支Kingfisher的私房酒, 每個人都說讚的啦! 就不多說了!

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