Ardbeg 32yo 1972/2004 (45.3%, OB, Cask#861, 216b. Bourbon Hogshead, for German market)

Color: Brown, slow legs and large.

Nose:  Peaty, but not very strong.  Beautiful fruity nose.  nice and deep.  Malty, as well.. Some feel like walking in the barley field.  Nosing it self is perfect! I nose it for almost 3 minutes before tasting. Very enjoyable.

Taste: Light body. Dry. 

Conclusion: Very Ardbeg.  Very bright! 100 point if only for nosing.  Like it trying to burst out all it’s life at a very short time. Just like the fireworks.  Going down quick.  95 points.  A winner! 在一瞬間綻放出所有的生命力, 讓你不斷的回響起那時的感受.



Ardbeg 32yo 1972/2004 (48.3%, OB, Cask#886, 239b. Bourbon Cask, for Oddbin)

Color: Brown. Golden,.

Nose: More smoky. And more peat.  Some banana, nut, creaming.  It last for quite a long time and kept developing.  Become very creaming at the end.

Taste: Medium body. Salty, finished short.

Conclusion.  Comparing simple if you drink all out at the first 3 minutes.  But it kept developing and turned out to be a winner as well.  Amazing.  94 points. 緩慢的上升到頂點, 持續力很強.



Ardbeg 27yo 1976/2004 (51.4%, OB, Cask#2398, 504b.  Sherry Butt, for  2004 Feis Ila) 

Color: Brown dark.

Nose: Peaty Sherry monster. Apple, raison, some rice.  Beautiful floral, pine apple. Chocolate. Complex and layered.

Taste: very peaty, fininshed long, salty.

Conclusion: an very nice one. Need time to develop.  Adding water become very smoky.  94 points. 剛開的時候很悶, 到出來需要醒很久, 逐漸的漸入佳境, 很複雜的一支酒.



Ardbeg 31yo 1974/2005 (52.1%, OB, Cask#2752, 133b. Bourbon cask, for Oddbin)

Color: Golden yellow. Clear, beautiful legs.

Nose: Sweet honey. Some peat, fresh, beautiful floral. Simple, smoky.

Taste: Sweet, like candy. Full body.

Conclusion, more like a typical Ardbeg to me. 92 points. 非常的甜, 感覺沒有很Ardbeg.



Ardbeg Provenance 1974/2000 (55%, OB, for Asian market)

Color: Brown.

Nose: peat, citrus, toffee. Quite oil. Adding water become very complex.

Taste: very enjoyable, could be the best till now.  Full body. Medium finish.

Conclusion: An typical vatting performance.  Very enjoyable.  93 points. 比之前給分高了一分, 喝起來是五支當中最好喝的一支, 可惜香氣還不夠綻放, 也許過幾天會比較好.



Ardbeg 29yo 1975/2004 (47.3%, DL Platum, 255b.)

Color: Brown.

Nose: Thin, peat, sweet. Malty.

Taste: Easy, not bad, full body.  Medium finish.

Conclusion: a comparing easy one.  But still very nice Ardbeg.  90 points.



Ardbeg 11yo1993/2005 (57.4%, Cadenhead’s, 270b. Bourbon Hogshead.)

Color: yellow.

Nose: citrus, not very peaty.  Fruity.

Taste: Young. Stong.

Conclusion: Light and straight.  Familiar Ardbeg. 90 points.





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