Balvenie 14yo RumWood (47.1%, OB, bottled in 2005, only 14 casks, from warehouse#29)

Color: brown.

Nose: Spice, citrus, maltiness, then reveal  some raisin, honey, pear.  Very Balvenie, but with a touch of rum feel. Increased complexity for sure.

Taste: Sweet, with hint of spice. Medium body, medium finish. Dry finish.

Conclusion: 88 points. Very nice rum finish. Very successful wood finish. Something really worth for collectors.


Balvenie 13yo 1992/2005 (55%, OB, Cask#4605, cask sample sell only from distillery website)

Color: Golden yellow.

Nose: Vanilla, honey, pear, citrus, very typical bourbon Balvenie with hint of peat.

Taste: Hot, thin body, short finish.

Conclusion: 82 points. Quite rough, not good feeling after taste.  A little bit disappointed.


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