Aberlour 21yo (43%, OB, Cask#29, Limited 42casks)
Color: Brown.
Nose: Citrus, dark chocolate, hint of apple, tropical fruit.  Woody, sherry sweet. Orange.
Taste: A little bit caramel, but not overpowered.  Dry.  Medium to heavy body. Medium finish.
Conclusion: 88 points. A very nice 21yo malt.  Very enjoyable. A litle bit lack of complexity. But release more power than I expect. Very Aberlour.

Aberlour NAS 100 proof (57.1%, OB, <2001)
Color: Golden brown.
Nose: Lot's of sherry and dark chocolate. Woody with hint of smoke. Malty, animal, decomposed food. Tropical fruit.
Taste: Nutty, robust, medium body. Medium finish.
Conclusion: 86 points. Quite young. Good casks. Not bad.

Aberlour NAS a'Bunadh (59.6%, OB, no batch number, 1998)
Color: Brown dark. Nice legs, very oil.
Nose: Very nice sherry cask. Orange with dark chocolate. Malty sweet.
Taste: Warm, matured. Very nice batch. Medium body, long finish.
Conclusion: 91 points. Very enjoyable one. I really like this one. A very warming finish.

Aberlour NAS a'Bunadh Batch#11 (59.8%, OB)
Color: Brown.
Nose: Not much difference from previous ones. Kind of tired at this moment.
Taste: Heavy body. Long finish. Very nutty.
Conclusion: 84 points. Comparing weak in palate and finish. Too nutty. But nose is OK.

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