Glen Lossie 27yo 1975 Mission Two (46%, MMCD, 600b.)
Color: Golden brown, not very clear legs.
Nose: Citrus, pear, hint of wood. Beautiful fresh fruit.
Taste: Fresh, strong. Light body, long finish.  Honey sweet.
Conclusion: 87 points. A very nice bourbon cask bottling. More like Glenfiddich style. Beautiful. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mission Two has serious cork problem. Almost every one I opened did not glue well.

Macallan 34yo 1968 Celtic Heartlands (40.2%, MMCD, 722b., American Oak Cask)
Color: Golden.
Nose: Pear, apple, hint of vanilla and pineapple. Adding water get more citrus and wood.
Taste: dry, light body, short finish.
Conclusion: 84 points. Not very Macallan, more like Glenlivet. No wonder old Macallan always shows Macallan-Glenlivet. Quite OK malt, just not meet my expectation of Macallan.

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