Bunnahabhain 33yo (45.5%, Royal Mile Whiskies, cask #6249, 201 bottles)

Golden, citrus, honey, malty.  Vanilla.  Fresh fruit, Young? Finished quie nice.  Nothing bad, but a little bit simple.  Some leather nose.  Score: 86.



Invergordon 1964/2005 (Adelphi, cask #57637 - ROTATION?)

Golden, honey and flower.  Cherry? Black berry.  Very flowerish.  Interesting nose.  50%? Fino cask? Or some kind of finish? Not typical single malt.  Kind like the Glenlive French Oak edition.  Score: 86.



Invergordon 1964/2005 (Adelphi, cask #57637 - ROTATION?)

Golden, Honey and flower.  Some kind of cherry nose. Black berry?  Very flower.  50%?  Must comes from a very strange cask like fino or something.  Matured!  Finished dry.  I gave it much higher the second time.  Final Score: 86.



Bowmore 1999/2005 'Young Peaty Islay 3rd batch' (61.5%, Royal Mile Whiskies, 308 bottles)

Light Yellow.  Very Peaty.  Malty Sweet.  Quite enjoyable.  Short finish.  Kind of too rough, evey a little bit like rum finish?  Score: 86.



Craigduff 32yo 1973/2005 (49.4%, Signatory, cask #2513, sherry butt, 566 bottles)

Peated version of Glen Keith.  This one raised lot of discussion because Signatory thought it was from Strathisla.  I am very glad to tasted this one.  Brown., more nutty sherry feel.  Chocolate, citrus.  Still very peaty and mint.  48%?  Seems have too much caramel?  Weak body.  This one also get much higher score at the second tating.  Nice nose but still weak in body.  Finished long.  Score: 86.



Glenfarclas 12yo (43%, OB)

Golden brown.  Nice and deep.  Tropical fruit.  Mlaty.  Clear citrus.  Lightly peated.  Almond.  Medium body.  Short dry finish.  Score: 85



Glen Ord 40yo (40.1%, Royal Mile Whiskies, 300 bottles)

Golden, vanilla.  Hint of some flower.  Some plum?  Woodiness, old.  Light body.  Hint of grass.  40%?  Kind like Balvenie 25yo?  But too thin.  Score: 85.



The Spice Tree (46%, Compass Box, Inaugural Batch, 4150 bottles, 2005)

Also another malt with lots discussion about the innovating casking.  Some one even questioned about whether it’s whisky or not.  Golden.  Nutty.  Toffee.  Nice legs.  Tropical fruit.  Glenmorangie wood finish? Very flower, Glenmorange style.  Score: 85.




Glenfarclas 1974/2000 (43%, OB, 2732 bottles)

Golden.  Malty citrus.  Woody.  Robust.  Mild.  Medium body.  Long finish  Speyside bourbon cask.  Score: 85.  (Can’t believe it’s a Glenfarclas.)



Bunnahabhain 1974/2005 (46%, Berry Bros & Rudd, casks #11534-11536)

Golden.  Flower.  Very strange wood (檀香?)  Malty sweet.  Caravel.  No peat.  This one also gain much higher score the second time.  And is the only one I raised from 70s to 80s.  Score: 85.



Arran 'Grand Cru Champagne Cask Finish' (58.8%, OB, 308 bottles, b. 2005)

Golden brown.  Nutty hint of peat.  Medium body.  Medium finish. Nice and easy.  Score: 85.



Glenfarclas 1974/2004 (50.5%, OB for The Whisky Exchange, refill sherry hogshead, cask #6041, 246 bottles)

Brown.  Sherry orange, toffee. Hint of candy.  Dried fruit.  Nice palate.  Balanced and mild.  Medium finish.  Warm.  Score: 85.  another sherry monster.



Ardbeg 6yo 1998/2005 (56.2%, SMWS 33.57, sherry gorda)

Brown.  Peaty.  Sherry sweet.  Smokeness.  Ardbeg.  toffee.  Nutty.  Peat bitter.  55%.  Peat over powered than others.  Too strong.  Score: 85.



Old Pulteney 12yo (40%, OB)

Golden brown.  Malty sweet.  Matured fruit.  Quite fruity.  Some caramel.  Score: 85.  (seems much higher than my previous tasting.)



Last update for the award.  The rest are all under 85.

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