Eleuthera (46%, Compass Box, K5073)

Yellow, light peat.  48%? Malty.  Mild nut.  Medium body.  15~18yo? Quint nice and enjoyable.  Lot’s flower.  Score:87.  (2 point’s higher than last time.)

Glengoyne 15yo 1989/2005 'Duncan's Choice' (55.7%, OB, sherry hogshead #1204, 350 bottles)

Dark brown.  Dark sherry.  Rice.  55%, dark chocolate.  Tropical fruit.  A little bit smoky.  King of simple.  Light body.  Nutty.  25yo? Old.  A little bit over the edge.  But still enjoyable.  Kind of like Springbank? Not really my style.  Score: 87.





No'Age Edition 2001 (45%, Samaroli, vatted, 1596 bottles)


Golden brown.  Quite nice legs.  A little bit sherry influence.  Nice and deep nose.  warm, complex.  Long finish.  15~20yo? 43%? Nutty.  Very light toffee.  Very lith mint.  Robust.  Score: 87.  (Very glad to try this famous one! Quite meet my expection.)





Talimbourg 19yo 1986/2005 (45.9%, The Whisky Fair, bourbon hogshead #1485, 252 bottles)

Light Golden.  Yellow.  Peat.  Sea.  Mint.  Quite woody.  Some tropical fruit.  Calo Ila?  Quite oil.  Hint of flower.  Very easy.  Enjoayable.  Nothing too good, nothing too bad.  40%? Young? Score: 87.  (If I am right, the Talimbourg is actually Talisker. Don’t know where the words came from, could be the Gaelic.)


Old Pulteney 17yo (46%, OB)
Golden yellow.  Sweet vanilla, some fruit, apple.  Quite beautiful legs.  Nose the best.  15yo? Medium body, medium finish.  Score: 87.  (Didn’t expect to be this one.  I gave it only 78 during the Cigar and Malt tasting.  And I got lots caramel last time.  But didn’t find it here.)






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