Caol Ila 1993/2005 (46%, Wilson & Morgan)
Golden yellow.  Quite nice.  Deep, peaty.  Fruity sweet. Very nice and deep.  A little bit cinnamon, nutty as well.  Salty yet sweet.  Medium finish.  Score: 88.




Bruichladdich 'Twenty Third Edition' (46%, OB, 2005)

Brown, very thick and ncie nose.  Some sherry influence. (It’s actually a Madeira finish.) Clear citrus, lgith peat.  Matly sweet.  40%, 15yo? A little bit toffee and white chocolate.  Long finish.  Not bad!  Score:88. 




Laphroaig 'Quarter Cask' (48%, OB)

Golden, heavily peated.  Laphroaig? Lot’s citrus, very deep fruit.  Malty sweet.  55%? Nutty palate.  Medium finish, finished nice.  A little bit lack of power in palate.  Medium body.  Finished well.  A little bit simple.  Score:87. (only one point less than my previous tasting.)




Glenrothes 1972/2004 (43%, OB)

Brown clear.  Deep Speysider.   Old.  Quite beautiful legs.  Deep citrus, banana, creaming  very nice nose.  40%? Lightly peat.  A little bit like Balvenie.  25~30yo? Hint of vanilla, Medium body, finished extremely long. Score:87.  (I gave this one 92 the first time, but only gave it 85 the second time.  I carefully tried the third time, the body seems gone? Quite strange.)




Macallan 15yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB)

Golden, citrus, woody.  Creaming.  46%? Very nice Speysider.  Medium body, medium finish.  15yo? Very nice but a little bit simple.  Perfect nose, but too sweet in palate.  Score:87.  (3 points less then last year’s award)

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