Talisker '175th anniversary' (45.8%, OB, bottled 2005)

Golden.  Medium peat level.  Quite oil.  Tropical fruit.  Matured.  40%? Quite nutty and bitter, but in a good way.  Peaty bitter in palate.  Medium finish.  Brora? Quite nice one.  But a little bit lack of touching.  Very balanced.  Score: 88.


W&M House Malt 'Born on Islay' 1997/2005 (43%, Wilson & Morgan, Cask #818-824)

Golden brown.  Sherry sweet.  Toffee?  Even like suger. Medium peat level.  More like Bowmore.  Iodine.  Flowerish.  Kind like the Diageo double matured Distiller’s edition.  Finished long.  Very enjoyable.  Score: 89.




Finlaggan 'Old Reserve' (40%, Vintage Malt Whisky Co)

Brown.  Tropical fruit with peat.  Very like Laguvalin.  Nice and deep.  40%.  Nutty and peaty in palate.  Bitter in mouth.  Quite oil.  Score: 89.  (Many people said Finlaggan is a Bruichladdich, but this one can’t be.  Too peaty.)




Special Vatting

The Speical Vatting is the left over of all the award bottles.  It’s actually very nice! Golden.  Nutty. Malty.  Hint of Citrus, very little peat.  Young.  Quice ince.  Robust.  Some feel of old cellar wood.  Score: 89.  (You boys much drop Olivier’s wine cask piece in, how can I feel the old cellar wood in this one.)




Isle of Jura 5yo 1999/2004 (60.6%, OB for The Whisky Exchange, cask #19)

Golden brown.  Nutty and peaty.  Tropical fruit.  55%, Ardbeg? very peaty! Medium body.  Nutty in palate again.  10yo? Young.  Very peat one.  A little bit too peaty. Over and rough.  Score: 88. (Not exactly like the one in my memory.  I only gave it 79 earlier this year.  It’s actually too peaty but seems I can accept it this time.)

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