Blackadder 'Smoking Islay' (59.7%, Blackadder for Taiwan Single Malt Whisky
Tasting Association, cask #BA 2005/202, 233 bottles)

Light yellow.  Peaty.  Matly.  55%? A little bit nutty.  Very peaty in palate.  Warm.  Light body.  Finihshed fruity.  Score: 90. (It’s a sham that I can’t tell this one.)


Blackadder 'Peet Reek' (62.1%, Blackadder for Sun Favourite Taiwan, hogshead BA 10570, 299 bottles, May 2005)

Light Yellow.  Very strong, very peaty.  More like a Caol Ila, 50%? Nutty.  Still sweet.  Malty.  Young.  Kind of simple, yet enjoyable.  Adding water get more sweet.  Score: 90.(Same as last time.)


Caol Ila 13yo 1991/2005 (54.2%, The Whisky Fair, bourbon hogshead #4734, 359 bottles)

Golden yellow.  Light peat.  Very fruity.  Very sweet.  50%? Light body.  Kind of Talisker?  Medium finish.  Mild but mature.  10yo? Quite nice, not complex but enjoyable.  Score: 90.




Caol Ila 1993/2005 (Adelphi, cask #6779 - rotation?)

Light yellow.  Sea.  Peat.  Fruity, Malty.  Laphroaig? 50%? Nutty.  Thin body.  Mint.  Young.  Fruity sweet.  Matured fruit.  Adding watter get much better.  Score: 89.

Bruichladdich 3D 'Moine Mhor' (50%, OB, 2005)

Golden, peaty.  Fruity sweet.  55%? Caol Ila or Laphroaig? Nice and easy.  Srong.  Very salty.  15yo? Finished long.  Second tasting: kind of thin and young.  Sore: 89. (I only gave 86 during normal tasting.  But I think I really like this one.)

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