It was hold during the lunch time in Grand Hyatt Taipei.

It's very nice to have Bill here.  He spend almost one week to meet the consumer all over Taiwan.  Doing three tasting a day.  Unbelievable!  He is very nice to chat with everybody.  He explained very well about the key point but carefully not to touch too much about the production.  I actually like his style of speech. 

We only tasted the OB 10yo, NAS Portwood, and 18yo.  What really impressed me is that every nose he mentioned was easily telled at that moment.  What a surprise.  You can easily tell that he particular like 10yo.  More than the other two.  He said proudly that he creat the current 10yo when he was acting as the distillery manager of Glenmorangie.  Right now, he is the Master Distiller of the group.

I particular like the answer about the sea influence.  I was quite surprise to find out Glenmorangie is located so close to the sea during the distillery tour.  But it has no sea influence.  Bill said he is a scientist and over the year, he actually don't find out evidence about the salt in Glenmorangie.  He do not really think sea influence during maturation.  Interesting!
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