Richard Paterson, the Master of Whyte and MacKay group, is in Taiwan promoting The Dalmore.  I had the honor to attend the Master Night.  Though not a official tasting, more like a business dinner, people here in Taiwan love him.  He is so funny and charming.  A great Master!



I  took the chance to chat with him for a short time.  He was very happy to know me, and also very surprise to know there is a maniac in Taiwan.  He was also very kind to invite me to visit his lab in Glasgow. 



And I have to say I am a very lucky guy.  He only brings about 50 ml Dalmore 62yo sample in Taiwan.  I am not among the two lucky guests to taste it.(It's a lucky draw.)  But as a maniac, their local manager try to squeeze the last drop out of the sample bottle for me.  Although only about 5ml left.  Still quite nice experience. 



The Dalmore 62yo (40.5%, OB, only 12 bottles, vatting from 5 different vintage year, oldest one dated back to early 20 centary)

Very compelex nose and changing very quickly.  The frist impression is quite peaty.  But not really over powered, just a surprise, or I shouldn't, just like all other old malt close to this age.  Sherry nose is still the key element, raisin, orange, plum, chocolate, coffee.  The most interesting thing is that the nose was changing very fast for only like 1 to 2 minutes and just gone.  The palate is not as good as nose but still quite nice.  Finished a little bit dry for very long.  And the nose left in me glass is really charming, still quite nice even after 10 hours at this moment.  Score: 92.  much much better than the Glenfiddich 1937.



Some of the standard version I tasted earlier with Stephen.



The Dalmore 12yo (43%, OB, miniature, back label number: L4 061 G1 13:32 00875)


Golden brown.  Citrus, a little bit smoky.  But I remember from the distillery tour that Dalmore should be free of peat, strange.  Some sherry influence.  Lightly peated for sure.  Richard said it comes from 70% bourbon cask and 30% sherry cask.  Quite nice fruity one.  Better than my memory.  Score: 80.  (Stephen gave it 78)



The Dalmore 12yo Black Isle (40%, OB, miniature, printed on the bottle: L4 160 G1 15:34 04/02699)

This one should contains more sherry casks.  However, quite disappointing at the first impression.  What I nose is more caramel.  Only a little bit citrus.  Score: 73. Same as Stephen.



The Dalmore Cigar Malt (40%, OB, miniature, printed on the label L4169 1402697)


A little bit better than Black Isle.  Quite smoky, much more sherry cask at young age.  Also quite smoky.  Score: 78.  2 points higher than previous tasting.  (Stephen: 77)



And this one was tasting tonight at the dinner.

The Dalmore 28yo Stillman’s dram (45%, OB)


This is the very new version for stillman’s dram.  Citrus, smoking.  Malty sweet.  Quite nice and smooth.  Very gentle.  Finished very long.  Score: 86.  I think it could worth a little bit higher during formal tasting. 



It is not easy to be a Master.  Look at the picture below, you have to be a magician, too.  Yes, the Malt is on TOP of the water.  Good trick.





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