Bruichladdich 20 yo (46%, OB, First Editon)


Very fruity, vanilla, a little bit creaming and woody.  Score: 86.  Same as the one I tasted two years ago.



Bowmore 1987/2005 (46%, Duncan Tayler Whisky Galore, Cask#51010)


Peated than normal Bowmore.  I would say this one is at Laphroaig level.  A little bit standard Bowmore flowerish nose.  Yet a little bit boring than last year batch.  Score: 82.



Tamnavulin 1967/2005 (46.7%, Duncan Tayler, Cask#5/011-62)


This one shows again the beauty of old speyside malt.  Vanilla, Citrus, Deep and mature.  Medium body, long finish.  Score: 90.




Bruichladdich 1984 WIP Cask Sample refill sherry cask


Brown, very deep.  Very oil  layered.  Citrus, raisin, creaming.  A little bit dry, some flower as well..  Nose is the best.  Medium body.  Finished long.  Lively  A little bit salty at the end.  Probably even better than 1986.  Score: 90.  Could bottled exclusive for Taiwan.


Single Malt Lover!

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