Ardbeg 30yo (40%, OB)


Yellow brown.  Peat.  Mellow, pear, a little bit leather.  Rice.  Adding water very nutty.  Some flower.  Finish short.  Score: 84.  lower than first time.




Ardbeg 1975/2005 (44.7%, OB for Islay Festival, fino, Cask #4719, 188 bottles)


Gold brown.  Very nice and clear house style.  Complex.  Sea, salt.  Citrus.  Maty sweet.  Mellow.  Hint of flower.  Mild.  Finished low.  A little bit nut but not too much.  Very warming.  Score: 93.   add one point because of it’s an unique Ardbeg, but still very Ardbeg.




Ardbeg 1975/2005 (47.2%, OB for Islay Festival, oloroso, Cask #4704, 270 bottles)


Goldne brown. Very oil.  More Iodine, more sea.  Refreshing.  Citrus.  Mint, simple then the fino cask.  Very enjoyable.  Score: 92.  Personally I would more enjoyed this one.  But it is more like a standard Ardbeg. and not that Oloroso.  Thus, I think the fino cask still deserve one point higher.




Ardbeg 25yo 1975/2000 (50%, OMC, 702b.)


Golden.  Just by nosing, I know this one is definitely better then the previously three.  Peat, malt sweet, fruit, and flower all balanced well.  Very lively and refreshing, Strong, yet mature.  Complex and layered.  Finish long and enjoyable.  Still my favorite.  Score: 97  Add 2 points again because it always beat the others and look at the auction, it’s already over 500euro. Amazing!


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