It is finally time to head south.  Since we have nothing to do for Sunday morning.  We let the children play at the nearby grass ground for a while, a lovely sunny day.  We stopped by the Ballindalloch Castle on the way to Glenlivet.  Ballindalloch Castle has been one the TV for several times.  It’s more like a big mention and I must say they are very rich.  The kids actually like their fancy toy truck better then the tour in the house. 


We stopped at the beautiful Livet side to take some pictures about an old bridge.  The Glenlivet does not open until 11:00 on Sunday morning.  The distillery has some highland cows and some cute ducklings, a plus for traveling with family like me.  The tour is short and very basic.  Our tour guide does not talk too much and knows very little.  I found a set of stills outside slight different then most of the sets inside.  She was very honest to say she didn’t even notice about it.  Our trip ends in the visit of the modern racked warehouse.  Quite a surprise as almost every distillery tried to show dunnage warehouse to visitors.  It is even surprise when I saw several 1962 and 1968 casks there.  The guide said it will be bottled later this year.  Common, give me a break.  I just heard the 1964 is the oldest Glenlivet so far.  Are you going to say the same words again within one year?  But generally speaking, a nice short one for a tired person like me.



Glenlivet 15yo French oak reserve (40%, OB, new label 2005)

Very sweet, easy.  Very fruity.  Not really my style.  Score; 78.



BTW, the café is actually very nice.  Just like what shown on most reviews. 



We kept driving south, say many distilleries.  Tired of getting out just for a picture, but I was very surprise to see the beautiful Tormore, not open to the public.  Pity!



We stay for a night at this small town of Kingussie.  This is famous for summer vacation.  For us, just a place to stay.  Our hotel, the Scot House Hotel, is also famous for the 2 roses restaurant.  However, they just change the ownership.  Although it’s very clean and easy, the new owner still not familiar with the hotel, still has lot’s things to learn.



My good night dram at the room:

Glenlivet 35yo 1968/2004 (40.1%, Duncan Tayler, miniature)

Golen, lot’s venella.  Very few citrus.  Weak body.  Medium finish.  Gone.  Too old.  Score: 78.


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