Auchentoshan 12yo (40%, OB)

Very few people know that this bottle is actually not common in Europe.  Color: light brown.  Got this sample in Open House.  Nose: Straw, Malty.  Quite nice.  Fruity and hint of nut.  Again, very high standard Auchentoshan.  But I just don’t like the palate.  Quite Oil.   Finished long.  Even more malty feel after adding wate.  Score: 81.



Bladnoch 18yo 1983/2002 (46%, Chieftain’s, Cask#78, 756b., Sherry Butt)

Second time tasting.  Sample from Bird.  Not too bad at first, easy, and quite complex.  But then it just get boring.  I don’t know why.  Last time I gave it 81.  This time first got 78, then I changed my mind to 76.  Then after I taste the 13yo OB, I changed it to Score: 74.  Just a typical sample that don’t last long.



Bladnoch 13yo Wigtown Booktown 2005 (55%, OB)

Don’t ask me what’s this bottle.  I got this one from Bert, an Glenmorangie collector.  Color: yellow.  Nose: clear citrus.  Malt, quite nice and enjoyable.  Strong, but not oil.  Finish short.  Robust.  Some strange palate , later found it’s Lemon.  Light yet strong body.  Score:82.



Rosebank 21yo 1978/2000 (50%, OMC, 336b.)

Sample from Bird, thanks!  Color: Brown.  Should be Sherry cask.  Nose: Citrus, lots orange.  Hint of toffee, candy.  Sweet Palate.  Finished short and dry.  Warm.  Almost got 85, but Score: 84.



Linlithgow 26yo 1975/2001 (50.2%, Scotch Single Malt Circle)

Open house sample.  Golden color.  Quite nice and beautiful nose.  Malty with orange sweet.  Stonge.  Dry.   Too simple.  Score: 80.



Linlithgow 1982/2000 (61.6%, Scott’s Selection)

Sample from Johannes.  Golden.  Malty.  Mint.  Just too Strong.  Even for me.  Can’t taste anything.  Pure alcohol.  Linlithgow.  Score: 81.




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