Highland Park 18 yo (43%, OB, 1990’s)

A little bit darker in color.  Nosing better.  More toffee, beautiful heather.  Smoky.  Very oil.  Weak in body.  Mild, finished long.  Adding water weak.  Score: 88



Highland Park 18yo (43%, OB, 2004)

More nut.  Peatier.  Some Iodine.  Taste better.  Firm body. Adding water also taste better then the old 18 yo.  Score: 88.  I gave the two 18yo version the same points because one have better nose the other has better palate.  Finish get about the same points.



Highland Park 15yo 1988 (56.1%, Blackadder Raw Cask)

This is the sample I tasted earlier.  Brown.  Very deep nose.  Sherry cask for sure.  Mint Heather.  Simple.  Chocolate in mouth.  A little bit bitter.  General speaking not bad.  Score: 86.  Same as last time. (note: I didn’t know the point I gave it last time until now.)



Highland Park 18yo 1985/2003 (53.9%, Signatory for LMW, Cask#2915)

Award 2004 sample.  Brown.  Sweet.  Mint flowerish. Finished nutty.  Sherry cask for sure.  Not my style.  Especially in palate.  Score: 82. also two points higher than award.  I think I am more strict when tasting the award samples.

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