Highland Park 30yo (48.1%, OB)

This is a very new bottle, not a vintage series.  Should be in the standard range.  Color: Brown.  Citrus fruit, sherry influence obvious.70%up.  Tropical fruit first.  Some Toffee or chocolate feel.  Creaming.  Vanilla, heather, mild and soft body.  Finished long.  Adding water get lot’s citrus fruit.  Seems the sherry part is not good enough, but bourbon part is quite good.  Score: 86.



Highland Park 25yo (50.7%, OB)

Strong body.  More citrus fruit, powerful.  Score: 88.



Yoichi 10yo (45%, OB)

Golden brown.  Smoky.  A little bit candy sweet.  Orange peel, caramel.  Even some strange dead fish.  Not a bad malt, but adding water is not good.  Score: 78.  It seems Yamazaki is a little bit better.



Springbank 12yo 175 anniversary.  (46%, OB)

Golden.  Citurs, fresh fruit.  Very nutty.  Oil.  Finished very nutty and bitter.  Score: 80. 



Lagavulin 12yo fourth edition(58.2%, OB, bottled in 2004)

Taste again and it just so good.  What a good dram.  Score: 90.
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