Lagavulin 1988 (56%, Samaroli, 324b.)
I think this is a very good example that good whisky still need some time to breath.  I opened this bottle about ten days ago.  I truly belive it tastes much better than just open.  What a mater piece.  Golden Yellow.  very oil.  Deep Peat, Sea.  Iodine, tropical fruit.  very nice nose.  Taste a little bit nutty.  Salty.  peat bit.  srong.  Adding water not help.  Finished long long time.  simple, destrying.  So beautiful .  Score: 90.

Caol Ila, 11yo 1989/2001 (43%, Signaotry, Cask#5221)
Light yellow.  Nut. Sea, very tropical fruity.  Mellow.  Very Nutty in palate.  Light body.  Saty, adding water get some candy sweet.  Medium finish.  Score: 78.

Talisker 10yo (45.8%??, OB, 2005 new label)
Brownish.  Some sherry influence, not too much.  Sea, Tropical fruit.  Fishy??  Round.  Smooth, finished nutty.  A little bit oo mild compared with previous two version.  Adding water seems helped a lot.  Iodine.  Score: 86.
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