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Lochside 1991/2004 (46%, G&M, for LMW, Cask#15189)

This is the previous Award 2004 sample.  Golden yellow color.  Thick legs going down quickly.  Nutty at the first imporession.  Very Grassy.  Even a little bit vegetable.  Sweet.  Thin Body.  Finished warm.  Nose is the best.  Score: 77.Same as last time.


Lochside 19yo 1981/2000 (58%, Cadenhead 198b. Sherry Wood)

Golden Brown color.  Slow and beautiful.  Nutty, Sherry than Grass again.  Sherry disappearing soon.  Not bad, but again not my style.  Finished weak.  Strong.  Not quite balanced.  Grassy again.  Score: 79.


Lochside 23yo 1981/2004 (55.1%, Cadenhead, Sherry Hogshead, 204b.)

Color: Brown, clear.  Fine and slow legs.  Very sherry feel.  Creaming.  A hint of grass again.  Very grassy distillery.  Sweet.  Finished long.  Complex and balanced.  Hint of honey and chocolate.  Score: 87.  One point less.  Still quite nice malt.


Lochside 35yo 1966/2002 (51.3%, Premier Malts, Cask#7541)

Golden brown color.  Very slow and clear legs.  Excellent nose.  Beautiful.  Banana? White chocolate, Vanilla ice cream , sugar sweet, A little bit short finish.  Yet still quite a palate killer.  Score: 90.  Just bare to get to this point.

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