Glen Elgin 13yo 1965/1978 (45.7%, Cadenhead. Dumpy bottle, Sherry Cask)
Color: Brown. quite unusual as very clear and a little bit yellowish at the rim.  Oil and beautiful legs.  Nose: Astonishing good.  Beautiful  Lot's of chocolate, sherry sweet.  Deep fruity.  Prum?  a little bit smoke? So complex and enjoyable.  Palate: a little bit nutty at the back.  Thin.  Mild.  Finish weak.  Score: 86.

Springbank 15yo 1964/1979 (45.7%, Samaroli, dumpy bottle)
Color: Brown.  Nose: Lot's of fruit along with chocolate.  So lively.  Very beautiful legs.  however, going down quick.  Maltiness along with some organe peels? Almost pefect in nose.  No complain.  Complex with layer.  Wait for a while.   you got some creamin nose coming out. a hint of mint.  than back to maltiness again.  I don't have enough sample to add water as it taste too good that I drink them all in one shot.  Reminds me the Local Barley version and 30yo limited edition.  However, it's just an old 15yo.  Warm taste.  medium body.  Finished long.  Score: 92.


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