Glen Eligin 12yo 1991 (46%, Duncan Tayler Whisky Galore, refill sherry cask)

Golden brown.  Oil and thick.  Lots of fruit.  A little bit creaming feel at the back.  I got some peat? Strange.  Score: 86.  2 points lower than last time.  Probably I am more conservative as this is the first dram of the tasting.


Miltonduff 38 yo 1966 (41.3%, Duncan Tayler Peerless, Cask#1011)

Golden brown.  Vanilla, very fruity.  Creaming as well  Cake.  White chocolate.  But it comes from Bourbon cask for sure.  Toffee? No.  Medium body.  Very enjoyable.  Some citrus after adding water.  Score: 89. Same as last time.


Tomatin 37yo 1965 (48%, Duncan Tayler Peerless, Cask#1909)

Brown.  Very nice nose.  Toffee.  Vanilla. Citrus for sure.  Finished long.  A little bit dry at the mouth.  Because of high alc%? Score: 88.  5 points higher than last time.  I really need to re-taste again.  It seems I like this one much more than last year.


Glencraig 30yo 1974  (43.2%, Duncan Tayler Rarest of the Rare, Cask#2928)

Already tasted last month.  Score: 90.  3 points higher than last time.  I think I quite enjoyed this kind of style.


Mosstowie 29yo 1975 (45.4%, Duncan Tayler Rarest of the Rare, Cask#5812)

It is interested to put the two lomond still malt together.  I think I got some feeling how it is.  Very light in body while creaming and oil.  Lot fruit yet straight.  Score: 90.  1 point higher than last time.


Glen Mhor 28yo 1975 (43.4%, Duncan Tayler Rarest of the Rare, Cask#4038)

Nutty.  Complex.  Some peat, smoke?  Rich in style.  A little bit suffer?  Score: 87.


Inverleven 27yo 1977 (56.4%, Duncan Tayler Rarest of the Rare, Cask#3098)

Thick, Creaming, mint.  Seems different from the previous two Lomond Still ones. More close to pot still.  The Lomond still ends up in Bruichladdich, hope some day we’ll see it back to life again.  Score: 87.  same as last time.


Scapa: 26yo 1977 (55.2%, Duncan Tayler Peerless, Cask#2829)

A winner, again.  Score: 91.  1 point higher than last time.  I really like it.


Bowmore: 21yo 1982 (57.5%, Duncan Tayler Peerless, Cask#85012)

I thought I have tasted this one, but it turns out not the same bottle.  This is a standard Bowmore.  Some peat, sea, flower,(perfume?), quite enjoyable.  But I seldom give Bowmore high.  Score: 86.
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