Balvenie 12yo (40%, OB,2004)

Very easy, lot's caramel, very strange.  Some warm and creaming feel from Sherry influence.  a little bit fruit.  Not as good as before.  Score: 74.

Balvenie 15yo 1989/2004 (47.6%, OB, Cask#7581)

Much better. with lighter fruit nose. Score: 80.

Balvenie 1989 Portwood (40%, OB)

Standard port influence with some citrus hint.  Score: 78.

Balvenie 21yo Portwood (40%, OB)

Balanced.  Clear organge.  Score: 85.

Balvenie 30yo (OB)

Excellent.  Silky.  Easy.  Don't add water.  Score: 89.

Balvenie 1968 Vintage (50.8%, OB, Cask#7294)

I think 30yo wins at it's easy drinking style at the first.  But 1968 finished long and complex.  My style.  Score: 90.  the winner.

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