Balvenie 30YO (47.%, OB)

Said to celebrate Master David Steward's 30 years work in Balvenie.  Some information said there is only 2 casks available for the the vatting.  I read it through the label very carefully, but did not find any evidence to proof it.  Only limited realease on the label, but not the total bottling numbers.  Color: Yellowish Brown.  Nose, singature honeyish.  Very smooth, some back ground flower, but domanant cirrus fruit.  Lot's sherry influence, but very pleasant and enjoyable.  Palate: sweet, smooth, cholate, very complex.  Finish: long, mild, warming.  Adding water get more chocolate feel.  If only by straight, wait for a while, you's get more fruity feel.  And the one I liks most is the silky feel.  It comes to me that people believe Balvene is the most smooth single malt in the world.  A winner.  Score: 90.  I believe you'll ask if it is true.  Well, this is not the one you get the strong personally.  But silky smoothly is also a personalty.  Think about that, howmany single malt can let you feel the smoothly.  That's Balvenie. And, it looks like I am the first one in Taiwan to taste it.  Even 5 seconds before their brand manager.


Single Malt Lover!

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