The comparision of this bottle. Notes has posted earlier. Just doing a comparison taste.

Glenfarlas 105 (60%, OB, old lable)

With more caremel.  Score: 82.

Glenfarlas 105 (60%, OB, new lable)

Almost no caremel.  And from the distillery sales manager: this one is now un-chill-filtered. I can actully feel more venella nose and creaming fell.  The sweet comes from the malt itself.  I also suspect it has more re-fill sheery cask.  No wonder it nose mucht better.  I am glad to see another distillery recognize the importance of un-chill-filtered.  Even my wife can tell the difference. Score: 88. This one also won the ban-for-your-ass award 2004 of Malt Maniacs.   Excellant job.


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