Macallan 10yo 'Fine Oak' (40%, OB, 2004)

Golden color.  A typical combination of sherry and bourbon speyside malt.  Very fruity.  I think they use more bourbon in the younger Fine Oak version.  young robust.  quite balanced. Adding water taste better.  Score: 82. I gave it lower score after I knwo the answer, not good.


Macallan 12yo 'Fine Oak' (40%, OB, 2004)

Golden Yellow.  Malty, some hint of fruit.  Thin.  Nutty.  Honey sweet.  Lighy style.  Finished long but kind of simple.  Again, a very nice speyside malt.  Straight is better.  Score: 85.


Macallan 15yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB, 2004)

Golden Yellow.  Nice legs.  Bourbon cask? very nice vanella sweet.  Soft, finished dry.  Score: 90.  Probably the one with most bourbon casks.


Macallan 18yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB, 2004)

Golden.  Beautiful legs.  Sweet Honey tropical fruit.  mint.  Speyside.  Balanced.  Score: 83.


Macallan 21yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB, 2004)

Golden.  Nice nose at the very first impresstion.  Sulfer.  Tropical fruit.  Sea? sweet and malty.  smoky.  not too much caremel.  nose is better than palate.  Cirrus.  Highland. Score: 86.


Macallan 25yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB, 2004)

Amber.  beautiful legs.  Tropical fruit.  Sweet. a hint of flower.  Thick.  Some interesting back ground Candy? Very Creaming.  A very pleasant choice.  Score: 86.  It's not surprice when I look back this tasting note and understand why I got it wrong in Vintage magazine tasting.


Macallan 30yo 'Fine Oak' (43%, OB, 2004)

Golden Brown.  Almost no legs.  Could be a mix of sherry and bourbon by the strange nose.  Creaming, fruinty.  Highland style.  Some mint background.  Average.  nothing you particular, but nothing you dislike either.  Light Body.  Score: 78. Though it taste much better when I know the answer.

Macallan 12yo 'sherry' (40%, OB, 2004)

Golden Brown.  Sherry at the very first impresstion.  Caremel?  Sweet, Chocolate, Tropical Fruit.  Smoke at backgroud.  Score: 79.  This is the one I got the bottle completely right. And I hate Caremel.

Macallan 18yo 'sherry' 1986 and earlier (43%, OB, 2004)

Golden Brown.  Young? Sherry cask for sure.Macallan?(caremel) a little bit flowerish.  sweet again.  Addding water the caremel become domanant.  terrible.  Score: 69.


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