My friend Richard told me, "Kingfisher, I noticed that you haven't tried this malt, trust me, you'll be surprised by the quality.  Indeed, I can't believe the PERFECT speyside nose I got at the first impression.

Banff 24yo 1976/2001 (53.7%, Blackadder Natural Strength, Cask#2247, 256b. Hogshead)

I got this sample from Richard, they have no plan to introduce to Taiwan, a special sample for me.  Golden color, my favorite.  Nice legs, Great Speyside nose.  Fruity, malty, some orange, some flower.  Freshing but quite deep and thick.  I would say this is almost close to perfect if only judge by nosing.  A little bit weak in pallet, not to complex and certainly not as good in finish.  However, still Finished long and mature.  Adding water does not bring out new flavor but seems help in taste.  Score: 86.  Too bad, I thought I could give it 90 at the first impression.

Macallan-Glenlivet 20yo 1980/2001 (46%, Kingsbury's, Cask#16453, Sherry Butt)

Kingsbury's is a very rare and seems focused on some old sherry butt bottles.  Un-confirmed information said this is a special lable bottled by Murray McDavid for their Japanese importer.  Color: Brown.  Lot's sherry, chocolate, vanella, tropical fruit, very little smoke.  Quite Oil and powerful.  Creaming.  I actully opened this bottled earlier this month.  And by now, without notice, already 2/3 bottle gone.  I think I quite enjoyed this one.  Though, I would say it's not a very typical Sherry Macallan.  Score: 88.

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